Unlimited Inboxes

Unlimited inboxes and unified one

Control any number of incoming emails by assigning them to an unlimited number of inboxes. Find every email that's assigned to you in your own unified inbox.

Automate with triggers

Automate with Triggers

Automate common activities by creating trigger events that action when a ticket of a certain type is received.

Keep your team on the same page

Assign and prioritize tickets, collaborate behind the scenes, and get stuff done

Team On The Same Page
Tickets Priorities

Prioritise tickets according to their importance so that you can deal with customers' critical issues first


Keep track of different types of tickets by using a customizable tagging system

Saved Replies

Save time when resolving common issues by using a previously saved reply

Private Notes

Leave notes and information for your company team members that are only visible to you


Integrate with your Teamwork Projects account to instantly create tasks relating to a customer ticket

Relationship history

Maintain customer records so you can easily understand your company's relationship with a customer, including a full history of any previous support requests

Looks and feels like email

All communication between you and your customer will look like ordinary emails instead of looking like automated tickets. This ensures the person you are dealing with is not just a ticket to be solved but rather a very valued customer

Seamless integration with Teamwork Projects

Every action taken in Teamwork Desk transcends seamlessly across to Teamwork Projects

Seamless integrations

Don’t take it from us

Here’s what our customers have to say about Teamwork Desk

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    Love it! It's only been 6 weeks and already there is a greater sense of purpose and order within the company. Nothing gets started without a Teamwork Project being created. Now we're using Teamwork Desk & Teamwork Chat to support our customers too.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Christopher Brisley Christopher Brisley
    the COO iamYiam Limited
  • quote

    We in TSG started using Teamwork Desk in January 2015. Having been asked to beta test Teamwork Desk it quickly became apparent that the software was capable of doing what other products are only dreaming of. Teamwork Desk ensures that TSG get all support issues resolved on time.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Sean Ware Sean Ware
    CEO TSG Ltd

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