Make better decisions faster

Know what's going on

Teamwork Desk's real time reporting means instant insights into what's going on in your support team.

Measure & analyze

Better measurements combined with deep insight allow for more efficient use of your team's support resources.

Take action

Improve the performance of your team and their ability to help customers, utilising all of the insights from your Teamwork Desk reports.

It's all about your customers' happiness

We put a strong focus on the only metric that matters- your customers' happiness. Automated customer surveys combined with happiness ratings and reporting means you'll always know what your customers are thinking about you.

All About Your Customers' Happiness

Tickets and productivity insights

Teamwork Desk advanced reporting lets you profile your queries and tickets to identify areas of low productivity, allowing you to make necessary changes.

Tickets Productivity Insights

Most popular tags

Identity the most common issues that your customers are experiencing.

Response and handle time

Response and handle time is decreased due to the collaborative nature of Teamwork Desk.

Busiest time

Details of when tickets are issued into Teamwork Desk allows you to identify when the most customer traffic for your site is active.

Replies to resolve

Delivers insights into how many emails it takes to send customers in order to solve their queries.

Measure your team performance

Detailed reporting on how your team are handling support tickets means it's easy to identify your support superstars.

Measure Team

Analyze and improve your Help Docs

Help Docs allows you to sort and profile common customer queries. This allows you to figure out the main issue your customers face, providing you with a framework of rectification.

Analyze & Improve

Don’t take it from us

Here’s what our customers have to say about Teamwork Desk

  • quote

    I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any company needing a strong and thorough customer service platform, affordable, and with integration options. Teamwork Desk has the potential to be a really great product. We know that it's still early days and are happy to deal with some occasional, minor bugs knowing that the team is working hard on fixing and adding new features all the time. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk  Ciaran McGrath Ciaran McGrath
    Managing Director Threefold Systems
  • quote

    I've been using for about 3 weeks now. Before, my team was using Trello,, emails, and a several other services to coordinate projects and appointments. Teamwork's integration between their Projects software, Chat software, and Desk helpdesk is simply incredible. Having software that talks to itself, is easy and intuitive, and comes with all these features at a very reasonable price is terrific. I give two thumbs up and recommend this to any team trying to stay organized. Well done!

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Kelly Kelly
    Executive Assistant

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