Ticket Management

  • Ticket Assignments

    Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents or groups.

  • Private Notes

    Private communication between users that is not visible to the customer.

  • Unlimited Inboxes

    Support multiple brands or support addresses from the same dashboard with unlimited mailboxes.

  • Ticket Statuses

    Update the status of a ticket to active, solved, closed, on-hold, waiting on customer, or spam.

  • Tags

    Use tags to categorize conversations, monitor trends, and trigger workflows.

  • Saved Replies

    AKA canned responses. Insert these in two clicks to answer common questions.

  • Customer Profiles

    Profiles are auto-populated, editable, and include all previous history.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    No mouse required! Teamwork Desk can be used almost entirely via keyboard.

  • Email Signature

    Add a personalized HTML signature to every reply.

  • Merge Tickets

    Easily merge multiple conversations from the same customer into one.

  • Ticket Priorities

    Help your team tackle the most important problems first by assigning ticket priorities.

  • Customer Support History

    See the full support history of every customer without having to search.

  • Mailbox Permissions

    Keep mailboxes separated among agents with customizable privacy settings.

  • Mass Actions

    Batch ticket changes to avoid having to repeat the same action over and over.

  • File Attachments

    Attach photos or documents up to 19.5MB by dragging them right into the ticket.

  • Phone Conversations

    Quickly log telephone details to a customer's profile for thorough records and accurate support.

  • Collision Detection

    Real-time alert when people are viewing or replying to the same conversation.

  • Advanced Formatting

    Our editor makes it easy to add bold, italics, links, or lists to your replies and notes.

  • Auto Reply

    Create a confirmation message that is sent to customers as soon as their email is received.

  • Satisfaction Ratings

    Enable satisfaction ratings to get instant customer feedback when you send a response.

  • Custom Outgoing Settings

    We can send emails on your behalf or use your custom SMTP credentials.

  • Spam Filtering

    Incoming emails are run through a spam filter that learns from your actions.

  • Edit/Hide Threads

    Any conversation thread can be edited or hidden from the customer (like a note).

  • Smart Inboxes

    Smart inboxes allow you to organize tickets in the most efficient way possible. Categorize in terms of VIP clients, priority tickets, personal inboxes, and more.

  • Triggers

    Automatically assign tickets, add tags, send e-mails, and a whole lot more with triggers. Simply apply a condition and suggest an action, e.g. if ticket a contains x then assign it to y.

  • Customer Portal

    Give your customers as much visibility on their support requests as possible. Customers now have the chance to manage their own tickets, see and set their status, and set the priority and ticket type.

  • Ticket Time Tracking

    Track your day with Teamwork Timer in Teamwork Desk. See how your team spends time supporting your customers every day.


  • Customer Happiness

    Get instant feedback on how your customers feel about the support they get.

  • Ticket Reports

    Measure your response time against increasing ticket volume.

  • Team Reports

    Insights into the productivity of your whole team.

  • Tag Reports

    Measure company progress with tag time series reports.

  • First Response Time

    First impressions are everything. Make sure your customers hear back right away.

  • Handle Time

    From first response to ticket closure, ensure that customers are taken care of promptly.

  • Replies to Resolve

    Gain insights into which parts of your business require extended customer interaction.

  • Agent-specific Reporting

    Drill in and see exactly how responsive, helpful, and efficient each agent is.

  • Self-help Success

    Help docs are powerful self-help tools. Ensure that your customers are empowered and engaged.

  • Top Searches

    Gain insight into what your customers are looking to your company for.

  • Top Articles

    Discover ways to make your business better by seeing what articles are frequently viewed.

  • Tickets by Channels

    Social media, email, and phone. Focus your team's time and energy to where your customers are.

  • Advanced Filters

    Dig in as deep as you want. Filter every report to find out exactly what you need in order to make informed decisions.

  • Date Comparisons

    Day over day, week over week, year over year. See how your company has grown and changed with date ranges and comparisons.

Help Docs

  • Manage Unlimited Sites

    One account can maintain unlimited sites at no additional charge.

  • Custom Domain

    Point any domain or sub-domain to your docs site for branding control.

  • Mobile-friendly

    Docs sites work on any device so customers find what they need wherever they are.

  • Revisions

    Access and restore previous versions of an article quickly.

  • Completely Customizable

    Make your help docs site as beautiful as can be. Change colors, graphics, and just about everything else.

  • Integrated Search

    Support multiple brands or support addresses from the same dashboard with unlimited mailboxes.

  • Unlimited Data

    Spot support trends by seeing which labels are being used most among your team.

More Features

  • iPhone App

    The Teamwork Desk mobile app has arrived for iOS. Whether you're between meetings, out of the office, or just away from your desk for a moment, customer support on the go has never been easier.

  • Android App

    Easily organize your helpdesk tickets on the go. Support your customers from anywhere at anytime with Teamwork Desk's Android app.

  • Teamwork Desk API

    Bend Teamwork Desk to your will using these read and write endpoints.

  • User Permission

    You can choose whether to give users access to more advanced management features.

  • Office Hours (coming soon)

    Let your customers know when your office is open with office hours. Don't let your downtime be affected when you're away.

  • Access, the Embeddable Contact Form

    Allow your customers to easily search your help docs and reach your support team from any page on your website with Access, our new embeddable contact form.

  • Part-time Agents

    With Teamwork Desk you can add unlimited part-time agents with no additional fees. Each part-time agent can reply to up to 10 tickets per month without ever being charged.

Security and Reliability

  • Database Backup

    With five minute restore points and full offsite backups every 24 hours, protecting your data is our top concern.

  • 256bit Encryption

    Secure access over HTTP (SSL) is provided with all "teamwork.com" domains.

  • Secure Passwords

    All user passwords are stored in the database only after being passed through a one-way hash-and-salt technique.

  • Complete Privacy

    Only a select few members of our team have access to any production data. We won't even access your data without your consent. Ever.

Don’t take it from us

Here’s what our customers have to say about Teamwork Desk

  • quote

    I just looooove Teamwork Desk. It's everything I've dreamed of. Please continue doing what you do. I have hardly read any help articles, because everything is so easy to understand.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Zihni Saglam Zihni Saglam
    IT Technician Aurora Innovation
  • quote

    I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any company needing a strong and thorough customer service platform, affordable, and with integration options. Teamwork Desk has the potential to be a really great product. We know that it's still early days and are happy to deal with some occasional, minor bugs knowing that the Teamwork.com team is working hard on fixing and adding new features all the time. Read More...

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk  Ciaran McGrath Ciaran McGrath
    Managing Director Threefold Systems

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