Stronger Relationships

Build stronger relationships

Communication is a two-way street. Customer portals brings the conversation back to the customers. Allow customers to participate more in your conversations and in turn, build better relationships.

Give Control

Give control to your customers

You decide what kind of control your customers have. You can give them the power to manage their own ticket, see and set their status, set the priority and even the type of ticket. Pick and choose what control you want to give your customers.

Make it your own

Customer portals are completely customizable.
Make it your own and adapt colors to match your brand.

Make it Your Own
Help Docs

A new home for your Help Docs

FAQs are often sent in to your support team. Save everyone's time and give your customers visibility to your Help Docs when and where they need them. Allow your customers to support themselves before ever sending in a ticket.

Learn more about Help Docs

Any Device

Looks great on any device

We live in the age of mobile devices, so we designed the customer portals with this in mind. They look great on any device. Your customers will be able to get help on the go. Their location or device won't hold them back from availing of excellent customer service.

Don’t take it from us

Here’s what our customers have to say about Teamwork Desk

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    I just looooove Teamwork Desk. It's everything I've dreamed of. Please continue doing what you do. I have hardly read any help articles, because everything is so easy to understand.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Zihni Saglam Zihni Saglam
    IT Technician Aurora Innovation
  • quote

    Love it! It's only been 6 weeks and already there is a greater sense of purpose and order within the company. Nothing gets started without a Teamwork Project being created. Now we're using Teamwork Desk & Teamwork Chat to support our customers too.

    testimonials teamwork projects and desk Christopher Brisley Christopher Brisley
    the COO iamYiam Limited

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